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No outro dia vi o filme Nick and Norah’s Infinite playlist. É fofinho, mas não é ah e tal marcante, tipo o Juno. Só o actor é que é o mesmo, e tem muito mais protagonismo e dá pra ver que é melhorzinho, mas pouco versátil. Mas é um bom filme de domingo à noite. Filme da pipoca com uma banda sonora jeitosa.
E dá pra perceber que as playlists são uma coisa que diz muuuuuito aos Americanos.
O meu amigo “amaricano” Shaun já me fez alguns CDs com playlists, que infelizmente foram juntamente com o carro roubado. Pelos meus anos, diz ele, tinha plena intenção de me mandar um CD com uma playlist chamada “thinking of Sofia mix” pelo correio, mas chegou à conclusão que odeia ir aos correios mais do que passear a cadela do amigo, e por isso mandou-me a lista por email, taliqualinho vos vou passar, e disse-me carinhosamente: this is sooo you, everytime I ear it, its you. Now put it in a mix tape and go!

Quando entrei no apartamento dele em Fevereiro do ano passado e ouvi Boss AC ia-me dando uma sulipampa! Eu juro que não fui eu que lho mostrei! E agora na lista vejo os Expensive Soul. E a Susana Felix. E ele só chamou “the force to be with him”. É pra verem que não é preciso cantar-se em inglês pra se ser bom ou pra ser ouvido nos EUA. E que realmente quem gosta de música, descobre e gosta do que for, não importa a língua.
Eu gosto de música, mas sou uma naba, não sei os nomes das bandas, troco tudo, mas faço a minha amiga Claudinha ficar muito contente quando me diz nomes de bandas novas que são um “must listen”!
Como não sou egoísta, partilho aqui convosco a lista que faz com que o meu querido Shaun se lembre de mim, esperando que me conheçam um bocadinho mais e que gostem da MINHA playlist (eu AMEI!).
Até porque com os comentários dele, achei melhor que foi melhor que ver um filme! Juro que não mudei uma letra do que ele escreveu!
Shaun has the best sense of humor, just brilliant! Love you so much my dear friend! Thank you over and over again, I’ll make this my playlist for when I go back to Portugal. In honor to your awesome taste!

Thinking of Sofia Mix

Track 1. I Don’t Want to Know – Dr. John

I first heard this song on an episode of True Blood, and feel in love with it. The whiskey and cigar damaged voice is smooth as smoke. When he sings “I don’t want to know nothing about evil, I only want to know about love” I feel like I am being pulled down into a velvet black hole.

Track 2. El Lado Oscuro – Jarabe De Palo

I think this is a good follow-up to the last song. A perfect pairing, if you ask me. God only knows where I find most of my most music, including this one. But, it has been one of my most played songs for the past few months. Of course, I had to look up the translation. There were no curse words in the song, and that is all I know in Spanish.

Track 3. Her Favorite Song – Meyer Hawthrone

The last month or so, I’ve been streaming an old Austin Radio station thru the magic of the internet. Catching up with the old Austin music scene and trying to discover new music. The radio stations in New York are pure and utter shit. I went back to make roots, and have been shocked at the great music I have been missing. This song was one that I discovered. When I first heard it, I was mesmerized by the following lyrics.

But when she gets home, she puts her headphones on
She plays her favorite song and fades away
And when the musics on she can do no wrong
And she feels safe and calm and it’s ok

The song really just struck my groove chord.

Track 4. Dou-te Nada – Expensive Soul

I get nervous putting Portuguese/Brazilian music on a cd for you. Cultural context always gets lost in translation. So, I just used the Force when selecting these songs. Letting the vibe hit me and going with it.

Track 5. Lovely day – Bill Withers

Every time I hear this song, I smile. A old friend put this on a mix-tape for me years ago, and I have never forgotten it. Like I said, it makes me smile and that is worth sharing.

Track 6. Sorri, Sou Rei – Natiruts

Again, I have no idea what it means, but I think that is the point. It sounds good to the ear, at least American ears. : )

Track 7. Simply Falling – Iyeoka

When I first heard this I thought she must be the love child of Amy Winehouse and Nina Simone. Love it!

Track 8. Bizarre Love Triangle (Acoustic Spanish Cover) – Marina Pont

This is the song that prompted the whole making of your CD. I heard this on youtube while searching for 80’s cover songs. It is possibly one of the best covers I have heard for this song. I started listening to it over and over until finally, I was like I need to share this with someone. And who better than you. It also helps that you speak Spanish.

Track 9. Flutuo – Susana Felix.

There should be a little slash mark above the “e” in Felix. I have an American keyboard and it doesn’t do crazy shit like that. Anyway, I used the Force with this song. It sounded lovely and flowed nicely with the previous song.

Track 10. Put Your Records On – Corinne Bailey

Sometimes you just have to put your hair down and put your records on. I find myself singing along every time I hear it.
Girl, put your records on. Tell me your favorite song.
Hopefully, you will find a favorite song in this mix.

Track 11. Canción De Amor – Volumen Cero

Notice the slash thingy above (I’m too lazy to google the correct name). Still can’t find it on my keyboard, but copy and paste works. This song also came out of that 80’s cover song music search. I have always been a huge fan of The Cure and hearing this version in Spanish is lovely.

Track 12. Happiness – Jonathan Jeremiah

I choose this because of the line: I’m going home to where my people are. I need a little bit of happiness. And for some reason, I always picture you saying this right before you board a plane to fly back to Portugal.

Track 13. Sin Ordenar – Cae

I know, this is the third 80’s cover song in Spanish. But, I can’t help myself. I’m a 80’s child at heart. Duran Duran is one of my favorite bands, I’ll be 95 and in a nursing home singing Hungry Like the Wolf.

Track 14. Waves – Mr. Probz

This song is hauntingly beautiful.

Track 15. Nunca me esqueci de ti – Rui Veloso

I have no idea who this person is, but he sounds like a Portuguese version of Jacques Brel. For some reason I like the transition from the last song to this. It felt like a ray of light.

Track 16. I Need – Maverick Sabre

“Sunshine, Angels, and something good” Its what we all need.

Track 17. Esta Luz Nunca Se apagará – Sweet & Tender Hooligans

OMG, The Smiths in Spanish. Not real Spanish, but Mexican, which means there is a Mexican Morrissey!

Track 18. Under the Milky Way – Aventine

Lovely version of my all time favorite song in the whole wide world. I still prefer the original by The Church, but this is fresh.

Track 19. Filho Maravilha (Fio Maravilha) – Tiê E Diogo Poças

All right, there are some very unnatural letters in the artist’s name. But seriously, how do you type that stuff on a American keyboard (It took an incredible amount of self-control to not type “real” keyboard) Anyway, I liked the groove of this song, and thought it would be a nice end.

Gotta love this playlist, right? 🙂

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